Pottery & Quilts

Joppa Mountain Pottery

Joppa Mountain Pottery is owned by a family of potters and artists living in the small, rural community of Joppa located in Rutledge, Tennessee in the beautiful Grainger County foothills. All of their work is "one of a kind." There are no molds used in any of their processes. They offer a wide range of pottery that is either their design or made to order for the customer. Stop on in, or call Ann or McDonald Crosby for an appointment.
Location: Rutledge TN
Phone: 865.828.5818

Appalachian Quilt Trail

Past and present often travel side-by-side along the trail, with old homesteads, farms or stores kept in families for generations. Many of the quilt squares you will see on buildings are replicas of old family patterns. The variety of stops along the Appalachian Quilt Trail showcases our rich history. Tennessee’s life earliest-known inhabitants of Tennessee were mound builders, still present when the Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto became the first European in what is now Tennessee. At that time the Cherokee Indians inhabited East Tennessee; the Shawnee, Middle Tennessee, apparently on Cherokee sufferance; and the Chickasaw remained in West Tennessee until 1818. As you travel the trail you will have the chance to explore the storied Native American traditions of East Tennessee.
Location: Rutledge TN
Toll Free: 888.775.4AQT

Tennessee Quilts

Tennessee Quilts is located across from the Visitors Center on Boone Street in Jonesborough, Tennessee`s oldest town. Founded in 1779, Jonesborough was at that time part of North Carolina, but it later became part of the short lived State of Franklin before becoming part of Tennessee. Jonesborough is today the site of numerous historic homes and other structures, shops of all kinds, and the National Storytelling Network and Storytelling Foundation International. Festivals and concerts are held throughout the year, including Quiltfest, which is held each July, and the National Storytelling Festival, held on the first weekend in October. Jonesborough is also part of the nation`s first All-American Region, the Tri-Cities, Tennessee / Virginia.
Location: Jonesborough TN
Phone: 423.753.6644