Mammoth caves are beautiful but wait til you take a cave tours at Cujo Caverns in Cumberland Gap Cave. They exhibit cave formations, cave exploring and exploration. It should be listed as one of the many famous caves of East Tennessee

Ruby Falls

Ruby Falls is located on historic Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga TN, overlooking the Tennessee River. Your guided tour of Ruby Falls begins at historic Cavern Castle. Modeled after a fifteenth-century Irish castle, the building was constructed from limestone excavated from inside Lookout Mountain Caverns.
Location: Chattanooga TN
Phone: 423.821.2544

Bristol Caverns

Beautiful and majestic Bristol Caverns! Far below the earth`s surface, in the timeless beauty of Bristol Caverns, a strange and exciting experience awaits you. Paved, well lighted walkways wind through the vaulted chambers and along the banks of the ancient Underground River that carved these remarkable caverns from the hard core of the earth 200 to 400 million years ago.Stalactites and stalagmites, some larger than tree trunks and others smaller than straws, fascinate and give play to the imagination. Where some of these formation have grown together, massive columns have been formed reaching from the floor to the ceiling of the lofty rooms. With every view, nature`s artistry is at its best and can be seen in the remarkable tumbling cascades and billowing draperies - all of solid stone.
Location: Bristol TN
Phone: 423.878.2011

The Gap Cave

After restoration, the cave now closely resembles its original condition. No electricity only lanterns light the way. Visitors will discover mammoth rooms and gaze in awe at the walls decorated with delicate stalactites and majestic stalagmites. Gap Cave is once again a grand underground cathedral. For more information, please visit the National Parks Service web site.
Location: Cumberland Gap National Park
Phone: 606.248.1052

Sand Caves

This seventy-five-foot-high sandstone overhang, located near the eastern end of the park, is reached via a beautifully wooded 8-mile round trip hike. Some tales suggest that at one time as many as twenty-one colors existed in the walls of the "cave." The beauty outside the cave is equally impressive. Hemlocks higher than the cave mouth stand sentinel near the entrance. A small waterfall flows over the cave entrance most of the year, adding beauty for the ear and the eye. A half-buried log in the sand below the falls makes a good seat on which to eat your lunch.
Location: Cumberland Gap National Park
Phone: 606.573.2172

The Lost Sea Adventure

Explore this registered natural landmark. Be fascinated by strange and unusual rock formations. See a 140 year old date burned into the cave wall by the torch of a Confederate soldier. Revisit the "Moonshine" area of the caverns when "white lightning" was brewed inside the caverns. Take a boat ride across America`s largest underground lake. Delight as large Rainbow trout jump out of the water for food. Admire the colorful rare Anthodites found in only a few caves throughout the world. See one of a kind formations around every corner. Pause for a moment of reflection in front of Crystal Falls.
Location: Sweetwater TN
Phone: 423.337.6616